SmartDroid – Announcer & Flash

Package Name: com.bsoft.smartdroidlite
Developer: BSoft Studios
Size: 2.7M

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SmartDroid Lite

The most feature rich app in it’s category.

Running for the phone when it is ringing or trying to look at the phone screen while driving in order check the caller ID are all things of the past !

Decide wether to take the call or call back later without even touching the phone.Hear the incoming caller name, SMS sender & SMS contents and even Low battery alerts.

All these are hassle free and can be used while driving or jogging with the phone in your pocket the whole time !

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The only thing our app doesn’t announce is the sound of angry birds :)

– Call announcer
– SMS announcer
– Battery announcer
– [Only in PRO version] Announcer can also read SMS contents
– Speak-out the battery alert (low battery)
– Fully customizable announcer
– Supports 4 languages (english, french, german, chinese)
– [Only in PRO version] Restrict to only play on speaker, headset or both
– Modify speech rate
– Modify voice pitch
– Modify announcer volume
– [Only in PRO version] Set custom prefix/suffix texts for incoming calls (ex.: )
– [Only in PRO version] Set utterance delays for incoming calls
– [Only in PRO version] Set custom unknown number text
– [Only in PRO version] Set ringer volume level when announcer is speaking (lower the volume in order to hear the announcer)

– Flash blink
– Flash notifications
– Flashlight blink on incoming calls and on SMS
– Flashlight blink on battery alerts (low battery)
– Fully customizable
– Blink interval can be modified (how fast the flashlight blinks)
– Blink count can be modified for SMS and Battery alerts




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