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# The BEST app about nuclear power plants!
# Recent earthquakes information!
# Tectonic faults and emergency planning zones displayed on a map!

Would you like to know more about nuclear power plants?
====================================The app displays nuclear power plants on a map and provides additional information about almost 200 international nuclear power plants.

More about the app

1. Nuclear Power Plants app displays plants on the map so you can see how far from you the plants are.

2. You can quickly locate any NPP using search feature. Just type in the plant name.

3. The app can optionally display recent earthquakes so you know which plants could have been affected by recent seismic activity.

4. The app can optionally display tectonic plates borders so you can see which plants are located in seismic hazard regions.

5. The map displays emergency planning zones (EPZ).
The plume exposure pathway EPZ has a radius of about 10 miles (16 km) from the reactor site.

The ingestion exposure pathway EPZ has a radius of about 50 miles (80 km) from the reactor site.

This is where you do not want to live.

6. Modern user interface.

7. Standard, Satellite or Hybrid map. You can see not only a map but also the exact location of the plant.

8. We keep updating our apps. Please send us your feedback so we could make the app even better!

Learn more about nuclear power plants!
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