Little Tiger Analog Clock

Package Name: Alfasoft.Widgets.LittleTigerAnalogClock
Developer: Alfasoft
Size: 99k

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A Little Tiger Analog Clock Widget will show you the time on your Android Desktop! Simple, realistic and cool!!!

This Clock Widget supports all screen resolutions and all Android versions from 1.6 to latest.

Instructions to install it:

– go to your home screen;
– press and hold the finger on the screen of your device;
– in the menu that will appear select “Widgets”;
– in the next menu “Choose widget”, select this widget with the proper name.
– Done!

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System Requirement:

There are two requirements to use live wallpapers:
1) compatible hardware — any phone with Android OS 1.6 or later should work fine.
2) compatible OS — Android OS 1.6 or later can use these widgets.

Developed by Alfasoft.

If you need a particular clock widget, email us and we will develope it in few days!



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